Ersa Atelier

This story begins with Once upon a time but, unlike the classical tales, our journey is always at present tense. Two sisters, Gabriela and Cristina Antonescu graduate The National school of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania. And, as in all great stories, they meet a Master, none less than Doina Levința, the most famous Romanian designer and scenographer.
After spending more than 7 years in apprentissage, they open their own atelier in Bucharest, Romania. Soon after they start showcasing their craftsmanship and creativity internationally. In 2013, Ersa styles take America by storm, during the 4th Annual Bridal S in Chicago. Two years later a new, exciting adventure begins with the opening of the first showroom in Vienna and the relaunch of the Evening Dresses couture line.
Our dresses are made to be watched closer, to be felt, caressed and cared for. That is why buying an Ersa dress means buying YOUR Ersa dress. The selection process takes place only in our showroom, where the dress pattern is outlined and the texture, colors and types of embroidery are decided. You’re welcome to pay us a visit anytime.

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